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Ghosting For Animation

Rig It Quick
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Python script for Maya. Tool for creating fake smears in animation.

( Version 3.00 ) ( Purchase once and update for free! )

Works with Maya :

2014 or higher

Available for Windows and Mac Os X

Available for Python 3

Features :

  • Copy or Flat. By select Face on your model
  • Create setting. You can Merge, Reduce, or Subdivide after created
  • Rig Option. You can create fake smears with the rig
  • Bake Option. You can bake keyframes after created
  • Auto Visibility Option. You can set auto show/hide after created

Updated :

  • Python 3 is supported and can run on Maya 2022
  • Reworked the Rig system
  • Removed "Creation:MeshFx" but added it as attributes "Motions" to the Rig instead
  • Meshes can be renamed better If you select a mesh that already has the same name

I will appreciate if you have any feedback and suggestion :

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Ghosting For Animation

6 ratings
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